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We are passionate about finding positive cash flow properties to assist investors build a successful portfolio.  We have access to an expanding network of investors who are joint venturers, money partners, developers, builders and renovators.

Let us help you get the right property at the right price in the right location that suits your investment style.


Investment homes

They could be House and Land packages and Homes that need renovating to manufacture growth.

Dual Key Homes & Duplexes

House and Land packages – For example for dual key, live in one part and rent the other side 3 bed x 1 bath x 1 garage plus 2 bed x1 bath x1 garage.  Also, ideal for extended families.

Co-Living & Rooming Homes

Co-Living homes are modern form of housing where residents share living space and a set of interests, values, and/or intentions.  In the Brisbane and surrounding councils have approved 3 bedrooms with ensuite, kitchen and 2 living area.  Rooming homes in the Brisbane Council area has approved 5 studio self contained, fully furnished units, each with kitchenette, lounge and bedroom with access to community kitchen and lounge and dining + solar energy


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Disclaimer:  We do not give investor advice. We only provide access to off market and on market properties. This information is only general information readily available.   If you need financial advice for your circumstances, please contact a  Financial Advisor and Mortgage broker and Accountant.

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    Why and What are Rooming Homes?

    The State Government identified the increase in need for Affordable Housing & were aware of the volume of “Share Housing” operating in the states major centres. The Government worked to develop the “Residential Tennancies & Rooming Accomodation Act” & additional Parts to the “Queensland Development Code” to ensure a higher standard of property & regulation was being offered to “Share Housing Market”.

    • Rooming Accommodation is typically identified as a “Class 1b” property with the presentation of a Standard Home. It has a maximum floor area of 300m2 (as defined in the BCA).
    • In Brisbane City Council areas, “Rooming Accommodation” is generally “Self Assessible” (some conditions apply) in all zones with a maximum of 5 Persons Residing in the property.
    • Rooming Accommodation is identified by the ability for its residents to live in private individually leased parts of a home whilst also sharing “Common” facilities in the home. State Government Acts & Codes along with each local Authority set the specific requirements for Rooming Accommodation.
    • Brisbane’s Population projected to grow by almost 25% over the next 10 years with the largest portion being in the 35-50 year age bracket followed closely by the 25-34 year age bracket.
    • Appealing to multiple demographics opening opportunity for investment properties in a range of locations. Our research has identified occupants range from 25-40 years of age, from multiple demographics such as Students, Professionals, Industrial Workers etc..
    • Rooming Accommodation offers Security & Privacy, a place to call Home whilst also being a part of a micro community within your own home.
    • New Rooming Accommodation properties are showing an increase in Female Tenant percentages confirming the sence of security & privacy felt among the occupants.
    • Population increase, increases demand for residential space which in turn increases rents! One bed apartment rents are allready becoming out of reach of young singles making Rooming Accommodation properties popular.
    • Achieve High Yields on your investment at a standard residential scale. No need to look towards Townhouses or large developments to achieve higher returns.
    • Brisbanes removal of Dual Occupancy (Duplex) properties being allowed on Low Density Land means Rooming Accommodation is the only way to increase Returns on these sites.




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