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What are the benefits of a Buyers Agent?

Buyer’s agents can give their clients the benefit of their experience through their understanding of the local market, property evaluation, market appraisal, buying process, private treaty negotiations, auction process, bidding tactics and by not being emotionally involved in the negotiation process.

What are the other benefits?

• They represent your interests 100% throughout the purchasing process.

• Understand the complexities and processes of buying by providing objective information, advice and support.

• Save you time by searching, inspecting and analyzing property on your behalf resulting a more efficient and faster outcome.

• Give you information and communicate to you with a report to help you understand if the property is the right choice for you.

Who would benefit from using a Buyers Agent?

  • Professionals who are time-poor and need to buy property now
  • Home owners who are feeling frustrated dealing with listing agents
  • Home buyers tired of missing out on properties.
  • Buyers who are unaware of off-market properties that are available?
  • A first time buyer and who wants to buy right and afraid of making a mistake.

What are the benefits of buying House and land packages as an investment?

  1. You get immediate tax deductions on the construction costs of the house.
  2. The depreciation of the house and land package provides a valuable tax deduction each year.
  3. You can secure a house and land package with as little as $1,000 deposit.
  4. You can use negative gearing to your advantage – as long as your inbterest repayments are more than your rental income, you can claim a loss against other income, which reduces your overall tax bill.
  5. House and land packages offer excellent security – even in times of economic downturn, property values tend to hold steady or increase.
  6. You can live in the house yourself or rent it out – giving you the flexibility to move in at a later stage if you wish.

Note: We do not give investor advice. We only provide access to off market and on market properties.  If you need financial advice please contact a  Financial Advisor, Accountant and Mortgage broker.

What is a Dual Key home?

A dual key home is a property on one title that is divided into two separate dwellings.  Suitable for extended families or if you want to live in one part and rent the other.

What is a Rooming house?

The properties being built in Brisbane are mostly properties with 5 studio self contained, fully furnished, with community kitchen and lounge and dining + solar energy. 

  • Appealing to multiple demographics opening opportunity for investment properties in a range of locations. Our research has identified occupants range from 25-60 years of age, from multiple demographics such as Students, Professionals, Industrial Workers etc..

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